Sponsoring: RealDev & BEC

RealDev, an engineering office specializing in 4.0 technologies, is above all a community of professionals passionate about innovation, excellence, and who are deeply committed to causes that matter to us. With this in mind, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with the BEC, Badminton Etterbeek Club, the Belgian women's badminton team. This collaboration marks our strong commitment to sports and its virtues.

The BEC Belgian women's badminton team, 

Division 1 champions

The BEC prepares for its ascent with the support of RealDev.

BEC, Badminton Etterbeek Club, recently crowned an exceptional season by winning the D1 championship (Brussels-Walloon Brabant). With this victory, the team moves up to League 1 in Wallonia, the highest league in the French-speaking region of Belgium, with the partnership of RealDev.

The season was intense, but the players showed remarkable determination and team cohesion throughout. The first part of the season started well, but the team faced several injuries, reducing the number of available players. In addition to the injuries, one of the players announced her pregnancy and upcoming leave. Despite the injuries and this happy announcement, the team's morale and motivation remained high, as the players who could not play became supporters/coaches. Over the course of two seasons, they managed to create strong bonds that allowed them to stay at the top of the standings.

Their victory is the result of many hours of hard work and dedication. Everyone at RealDev is extremely proud of what they have accomplished.

Rising stars on the court!

As the BEC women's team prepares to make their debut in League 1, we can expect to see an even more impressive season from them. Zoé Parmentier, the team spokesperson, indicates that "the next season will be quite a sporting challenge, as the difference in level between the two divisions is significant. We will do everything we can to stay in this new division." We therefore encourage her and the team to continue on their winning streak!

The partnership between RealDev and BEC aims primarily to promote sports and the community. We wish them a successful season and hope they will inspire and encourage young talents throughout the region. The future looks promising for these badminton champions!

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Sponsoring: RealDev & BEC
Sophie Christian-Woodruff June 26, 2024
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