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Life Science 


12 months


1 Project Manager

1 Project Coordinator

1 Automation Engineer  

Project Context

To enhance process control, efficiency, and reliability, one of our clients aimed to integrate a Microfluidizer systems with the DeltaV distributed control system (DCS).

This integration will ensure the continued reliability, maintainability, and compatibility of existing automation components, improving system performance.

The project aims to update outdated automation components in the Microfluidizer system to enhance reliability, maintainability, and compatibility with modern standards, improving system performance and extending equipment lifespan.

RealDev's Mission    

RealDev was designated as the Automation Engineering Office to test the integration of microfluidizers using the DeltaV supervision system, which encompasses:

  • Controlled by Delta V for both start and stop operations
  • Regulation of product outlet temperature and homogenisation pressure through Delta V
  • Implementation of an interlock software system
  • Visualization of startup conditions and previously shown alarms

In order to do so, a number of key steps were completed in order to bring the project to a success:

Project management

Commencing project with an evaluation of necessary planning and resource allocation

Conducting follow-up and investigation meetings, and monitoring KPIs


Assessing documentation impact


Overseeing commissioning and decommissioning activities


Procuring hardware equipment

Coordinating with various stakeholders, including suppliers, users, and subject matter experts

Technical documents

Updating documentation materials


Overseeing commissioning and decommissioning activities

RealDev's unparalleled expertize and proven track record in the field positioned us as the prime choice to take the lead on the project aimed at evaluating the integration of microfluidizers utilizing the DeltaV supervision system. 

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Younes Boukamher June 10, 2024
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