Do you know the history behind the green of our logo ? 

Since our creation in 2014, RealDev has always been committed to the environnemental cause. From different angles, we set up some actions to reduce our impact on the planet. 

RealDev has 4 approaches : 

Choice of Facilities

Internal measures 

Mobility Policy

Through our projects

The choices of our facilities

For both our offices, we are located in buildings that were built with a green mindset.

In Brussels, we are in the "Buro & Design Center" building. It is one of the most environmental-friendly buildings in the capital. Buro & Design Center pays special attention to the sustainable energy performance. 

It has very well isolated infrastructure and create the majority of their electricity through solar panels placed on his roof. 

Through several internal measures 

The Zero Paper Policy

  • We want to avoid the use of paper. That is why we are doing the most part of all our internal processes using our intranet. We only print things when it is really needed, for example when we are legally forced to do so. 

The use of customised containers

  • To avoid the use of disposable cups, we decided to make a kit of several containers including personalised mugs, thermos, a water bottle

Mobility Policy

At RealDev, we have a sustainable Mobility Policy which includes different points. 

  • We provide a car to our collaborators when it is needed for the job position. 
  • For 2026, we will have the totality of our fleet with only Full Electric cars. 
  • Every member of RealDev has a Sustainable Mobility budget included in their package. We prioritise bikes, public transport and car sharing.