Advanced Process Control


Automation is the technology that performs processes or procedures with minimal human intervention.

Automation, or automatic control, uses different control systems to operate equipments such as machineries, factory processes, boilers, heat treatment furnaces, activation of telephone networks, control and stabilisation of ships, aeronautics and other softwares and motor vehicles where human intervention is minimized. 

Our automation experts are here to help your business in several industries.


Robotics is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering and science including different fields, such as mechanical engineering, electronic engineering and computer science.

The role of robotics lies in the design, the construction, the operation and the use of robots as well as the control of computer systems, sensory feedback and information processing.

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An increasing number of companies are beginning to understand that there is little difference between offered products in the 21st century on the market. This is why your business needs to stand out from the others.

To this end, at RealDev, we offer several options when delivering a solution. One of them is to update your process so that everything runs smoothly in order to make your business more efficient.

RealDev can help you achieve your process goals by making it more efficient making your business well-run. 

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