Our approach is unique ! 

With many years of field experience in Industry 4.0, we don't want to be run-of-the-mill engineering firm or consulting agency.
To set ourselves appart, we created TIS /  Totally  Integrated  Services. This is our approach, unique on the market, allowing us to offer you support through different services:

  • Project Sourcing : we second our staff to help you on your projects, whether it is an urgent, short or long assignment
  • Engineering Office : whether in Automation, IT or Elec, we have all the skills for each phase of your projects;
  • Project Management Office : we help you and accompany you in your projects from A to Z.

As specialists in Industry 4.0 (Advanced Process Control, Digital Solutions, Advanced Analytics), we offer our customers a tailor-made solution. After an initial consultation with one of our senior engineers, we turn your ambitions into profitable projects.

                                      We are at your side throughout your project.

                                      We find the right solution for your needs by increasing the efficiency of your project and acting as an all-inclusive system integrator with our TIS.
                                      Through this process, we make strategic choices and implement technology systems within your organization. But we also maintain a relationship with you even after the project is complete.

                                      Who are our experts ?

                                      If you’re looking for a passionate and committed team, RealDev is for you! We are really proud of our inhouse expertise. With more than 15 years of experience in the field, our senior managers can face any challenge. Next to that, our recruitment process is completed by a technical assessment to evaluate the knowledge of the candidates and their ability to contribute to the industry.

                                      You deserve the most talented experts for your projects. We believe in a continuous improvement philosophy : that’s what makes us the best team on the market!  But our team is not only the best from a technical point of view, it’s also the best in giving importance to the  human aspect. We always support your goals and your values during all the processes, so that the success of your project is guaranteed. 

                                      In addition, our RealDev academy is training our colleagues in new technologies and making them ready for the accession of the Smart Industry.

                                      RealDev’s business relies on three areas of expertise :

                                      Advanced Process Control

                                      Digital Solutions


                                      Advanced Analytics

                                      What makes us the best ? 

                                      Our values! Respect, Trust, Boldness, Independence, Commitment and Performance. For every project, Respect is the basis of all our relationships, whether internal or external. We build a climate of Trust to develop long-term relationships. Our Boldness allows us to use the most advanced technologies and to accept new challenges. We are  Independent : we choose how to tackle a project without any influence. We’re Committed to giving the perfect solution to you and we achieve it thanks to our amazing Performance. The Totally Integrated Service™ allows us to put our values into practice. The TIS™ meets perfectly our desire to satisfy you by providing the best customer experience that will give your business a Real Development!