IT/OT - Routed Vlan

Network migration | Cybersecurity enhancement


Cybersecurity enhancement




Life Science 


12 months


1 Project Manager

1 Project Coordinator 

8 Project Engineers

Project Context

Our client is seeking to enhance their network infrastructure to meet the growing demands of the business, improve security, and streamline network management. Implementing Routed VLAN (Virtual Local Area Networks) offers a versatile and efficient solution to tackle these requirements. 

This proposal outlines the benefits, costs and rollout strategy for incorporating Routed VLAN into our organization.

RealDev's Mission    

Enhancing Security


Improving Network Performance

Simplifying Management

Proposed Solution: Routed VLAN

Routed VLANs combine the benefits of VLAN with routing capabilities to enhance network segmentation and traffic management. This approach involves assigning IP subnets to VLANs and using Layer 3 devices (such as routers or Layer 3 switches) to route traffic between VLAN.

Key Features of Routed VLAN

Performance Enhancement

Decreased broadcast traffic and optimized routing enhance overall network speed and reliability.

Security Reinforcement

Segmentation reduces vulnerability to threats and enables precise access control policies.

Operational Streamlining

Simplified network management and configuration lessen administrative workload and operational costs.


Easily accommodates network expansion by adding new VLANs without significant reconfiguration.

Network Segmentation

Divides the network into logical segments, each functioning as an independent subnet.

Traffic Management

Limits broadcast domains, reducing superfluous traffic and improving performance.

Improved Security Measures

Segregating segments to safeguard sensitive data and mitigate the impact of potential security breaches.

Streamlined Problem Resolution

Simplified identification and troubleshooting of network issues within segmented VLANs.

Optimized Traffic Management

Leveraging Layer 3 routing for efficient traffic handling between VLANs, enhancing overall network performance.

Implementation plan

Preparation Phase

Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the existing network infrastructure to pinpoint areas for enhancement.


Introduce the Routed VLAN gradually in stages to minimize disruptions, starting with less critical zones.


Conduct thorough testing to ensure proper functionality and optimal performance.

Documentation Update

Revise project documentation accordingly.

Training and Support

Provide in-depth training to staff members on the management and troubleshooting of Routed VLAN setups.

Implementing Routed VLAN offers our client significant improvements in network performance, security, and management efficiency, addressing current challenges and supporting future growth to enhance the overall OT infrastructure and contribute to long-term success.

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IT/OT - Routed Vlan
Younes Boukamher June 5, 2024
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