Isolated Vlan

Network Migration│Cybersecurity enhancement


Cybersecurity enhancement




Life Science 


On going (3 year project)


1 Project Manager

1 Project Coordinator

5 Automation Engineers  

Project Context

RealDev was tasked with enhancing the client's network security and overseeing the transition from IT to OT (Operational Technology). The OT Cybersecurity initiative is a key component of a comprehensive global corporate program focused on managing cybersecurity and addressing obsolescence.

RealDev's Mission    

RealDev has been assigned to carry out the following requirements for various manufacturing chains:

Implement measures to prevent and contain cybersecurity incidents effectively​
Isolate the IT and OT infrastructures
Reduce the risk of incidents spreading between ne​tworks
Improve response time for incidents
Establish Firewall ru​les to enable communication and centralize assets within the IT environment (especially AMS servers)
Transfer LPN assets to a segregated VLAN in OT Level 1 with their current IP addresses intact
Assist Manufacturing Production Units in restarting operations after the relocation and verify the functionality of all relevant assets

To effectively lead the project, RealDev employed a methodical strategy combined with strong project management: 

  • Preparation for OT: conducting the study within each building
  • Project documentation: our engineers must gather and update all technical information
  • Asset Inventory: our team needs to compile a detailed inventory of the client's assets
  • Risk analysis: our team performs an analysis of all risks for each intervention and implements mitigation strategies to reduce probability and impact
  • Technical documentation: engineers prepare the necessary documents to ensure they are well-prepared for the next phase
  • Execution: overseeing and carrying out the migration from IT to OT systems
  • Network Mapping: creating an in-depth network map to assess any potential impact
  • Training: RealDev also ensures that the client's staff can navigate the new configuration through comprehensive training sessions

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Isolated Vlan
Younes Boukamher June 10, 2024
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