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Storage capacity enhancement






Life Science 


10 months


1 Project Manager

1 Project Engineer

Project Context

The project involves commissioning the Tank Farm room and equipping it with the necessary infrastructure to store cell banks in nitrogen tanks. 

This initiative aims to significantly increase the storage capacity for cell banks, ensuring that they are maintained under optimal conditions for future use. The enhanced storage capacity will support growing operational demands and contribute to improved efficiency and reliability in the storage process.

RealDev's Mission    

To achieve the objectives stated above, RealDev was approached in order to perform the following implementations

Emergency Exit Enhancement

Internal Door Access

RealDev is set to introduce a mechanism that allows the door to be opened from ​inside the Tank Farm room through the use of an emergency exit button. This function is vital for ensuring the safety of personnel working in the room. 

Oxygen Level Monitoring

To enhance safety measures, the system will also be programmed to automatically unlock the door if oxygen levels reach a dangerously low point. This feature will ensure a swift response to potential hazards by connecting the valve control to the door opening mechanism.

Iris Scan System Modification

System Upgrade

The current Iris Scan system is being upgraded due to its limitations in emergency situations. The new system will be optimized to provide faster and more effective support for first responders, ensuring prompt and efficient assistance when needed.

By implementing these improvements, RealDev was able to contribute to the enhancement of both the functionality and safety of the Tank Farm room.

The upgraded emergency exit features will enhance safety measures for personnel, while the improved access system will ensure effective rescue operations.

These modifications will boost the overall efficiency and safety of the storage facility, in line with the project's objectives of increased capacity and enhanced operational standards.

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Iris Scan
Younes Boukamher June 6, 2024
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