Solvent Process Automation

New Automated Installation


Industry 4.0 Expansion Project at Avery Dennison






6 months


100 k€


1 Project Leader

1 Automation Engineer 

1 Electrical Engineer

Project Context

RealDev has been chosen as a partner by Avery Dennison to play an essential role in expanding their operations. Our engineering and implementation firm has utilized its expertise to manage all stages of the project, from study to commissioning of the new facility. Our team at RealDev specializes in various technical domains, including electricity, automation, control systems, regulation, instrumentation, as well as alarm and interlock management. We have delivered a comprehensive and reliable solution that meets the client's specific requirements. 

As part of this expansion project, we worked closely with the client to achieve the following functional objectives: 

  1. IBC to Tank Transfers Management: Our team has implemented an efficient system that ensures smooth and secure transfer of raw materials from Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) to tanks, taking into account the client's precise needs. 

  2. New Agitator Management in Tanks: We have integrated state-of-the-art agitators into the tanks, providing a customized solution for optimal substance mixing and ensuring consistent product quality. 

  3. Tank to Trolley Transfer Management: RealDev has developed an intelligent solution that facilitates the movement and handling of raw materials by transferring tanks to a trolley, meeting the client's specific requirements. 

RealDev's Mission    

Our mission at RealDev encompasses the following stages, all successfully accomplished: 

  1. Detailed Functional Analysis: We conducted an in-depth study of the client's specific needs to design a tailored solution that meets their precise expectations. 

  2. Documentation Creation: Our team prepared comprehensive and clear documentation, including electrical diagrams, automation plans, and technical specifications, to facilitate understanding and optimal future management of the installation. 

  3. PLC (Programmable Logical Controller) and HMI Code Development: We customized PLC and HMI codes to meet the specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and efficient management of the installation. 

  4. Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) Execution: We conducted thorough factory tests to validate the compliance and reliability of our solution before its deployment on-site. 

  5. Installation and Commissioning: Our experts supervised the complete installation of the system at the client's site, ensuring a smooth commissioning and transition. 

  6. Site Acceptance Tests (SAT) and Qualification: We conducted comprehensive tests to verify that all project components are functioning correctly and meet the initial specifications. 

  7. Project Handover: Once the project was completed and validated, we officially handed over the installation to the client, providing appropriate training for optimal system utilization. 

At RealDev, we take pride in our partnership with Avery Dennison and our expertise in Industry 4.0. Our highly qualified team and commitment to excellence allow us to tackle the most demanding challenges and deliver innovative solutions to our clients. 

Want to find out more?

Contact us today to discuss your upcoming project and discover how RealDev can help you achieve your Industry 4.0 ambitions effectively and successfully.  

Solvent Process Automation
Younes Boukamher July 5, 2023
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