Initial Conditions in DeltaV

System Verification


System confirmation




Life Science 


6 months


1 Project Manager

1 Project Engineer

1 PMO 

Project Context

RealDev was enlisted to develop a solution enabling producers to confirm the initial equipment status when a batch is initiated from the DeltaV system by an operator. The objective is to verify that the equipment is in the appropriate condition before commencing a batch, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and safety.


  • Create a system to alert producers if any equipment in the affected unit is found to be in poor condition at the beginning of a batch
  • Include an option for producers to continue with the batch despite the incorrect initial conditions, and allow them to document this decision in the batch report

RealDev's Mission    

By addressing these requirements, the project aims to enhance batch processing and ensure detailed record-keeping.

RealDev, selected as the Automation Engineering Office, carried out the following key tasks:

Tracking progress & KPIs

Document preparation

Coordinating with diverse stakeholders



With the expertise and know-how of RealDev, the project successfully allowed to improve batch processing and with that, maintain thorough records of equipment conditions and operational decisions.

These aspects are fundamental for increasing efficiency, ensuring high standards, prioritizing safety, meeting regulatory requirements, and promoting transparency - all of which contribute collectively to the overall success and sustainability of production operations.

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Initial Conditions in DeltaV
Younes Boukamher June 6, 2024
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