Data Remediation


Data Integrity Remediation




Life Science 


6 months


1 Project Manager

1 Project Coordinator

1 Automation Engineer  

Project Context

RealDev was approached to optimize production processes in order to enhance their reliability and decrease the likelihood of errors by implementing a more robust system for maintaining data integrity.

RealDev's Mission    

RealDev has been entrusted with the responsibility of spearheading the necessary actions to bring the Project to a successful implementation:

Project Closure
  • Training sessions for the production & maintenance departments
  • Development of a comprehensive user manual for the newly implemented procedures
  • Conducting a post-implementation review meeting and client handover
  • Collaboration with diverse stakeholders (suppliers, end-users, subject matter experts)
  • Conducting follow-up meetings, investigative sessions, and monitoring KPIs
  • Implementing technical solutions
  • Executing protocols, updating documentation, and preparing reports for validation
  • Overseeing safety aspects of the intervention
Project Initiation
  • Starting the project by assessing the required planning and resources
  • Analyzing the impact of the documentation
  • Outlining a validation plan
Technical Study

After a thorough examination and on-site inspection, we have identified instances of non-compliance and proposed resolutions:

  • Introduction of a notification alert for each adjustment made to critical parameters on the machine
  • Incorporation of a tracking log to periodically review these alterations
  • Multiple discrepancies in access management and data integrity between system documentation and software have been rectified

RealDev's extensive background and proficiency have played a crucial role in raising the bar for data integrity standards, resulting in a substantial decrease in the potential for instances of non-compliance.

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Younes Boukamher June 10, 2024
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