Natural gas and crude oil are some of the most demanded energy sources in the world. Often, these valuable sources are imported via pipelines, making professional engineering services almost always necessary in order to safeguard production, transportation, distribution, storage, and plant optimization. More noteworthy, as our carbon footprint on the planet becomes increasingly detrimental, consumers are pushing for cleaner, green energy sources. As a result, this sector has seen a significant push in recent years making the market more affordable and accessible.

As a professional engineering partner, we assist in this transition towards these green energy sources. RealDev will manage the installation of all instrumentation and equipment needed during energy operations. We focus on primary concerns such as functional safety, explosion protection, plant availability, market regulation, and also process implementation. Companies that plan to become or remain relevant in this sector are facing pressures in this transforming market. By combining technological innovations, environmentally based advancements and other key potential opportunities, RealDev supports you as supplier during the construction of new plants and the expansion or modernization of existing production facilities.

Our Key Competencies

  • Consultancy, planning and assessments

  • Electrical instrumentation

  • Automation Process Control Solutions

  • Functional analysis specification

  • Cross-Discipline engineering

  • Electrical, instrumentation and automation projects

  • PLC, DCS and Scada

  • Revamping and extensions

  • Pre-commissioning and commissioning

  • Maintenance engineering

  • Operation and Maintenance Training

  •  Resource plan definition and follow up

  • Budget estimation and tracking

  • Document management

  • Change Management and Risk Management

  • As-Built Documentation