Distiller Revamping


Revamping of a distillation system




Life Science 


12 months


1 Project Manager

2 Automation Engineers  

Project Context

To meet the rising demand for Water for Injection (WFI) at our client's pharmaceutical facility, an upgrade to their existing distillation system was deemed necessary.

The project's goal is to revamp the distiller to guarantee business continuity in WFI production for all operations conducted in a single building over the next 5 to 10 years.

This enhancement is critical for maintaining uninterrupted supply chains and adhering to regulatory standards in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

RealDev's Mission    

RealDev was chosen as Automation Engineering Officeto supervise and implement the upcoming phases of the project:

Detail Design 

  • Replacing and upgrading equipment
  • Revamping 2 electrical cabinets for distillers
  • eDI gap resolution
  • Drafting design documentation


  • Coordinating the project and integrator activities
  • Supervising the process engineer's tasks
  • Overseeing the SAT and FAT executions
  • Planning activities and ensuring EHS compliance
  • Updating master data


  • Executing comprehensive testing and validation
  • Supervising the system qualifications post-implementation
  • Ensuring that the project was properly executed and delivered the expected outcome as planned

Thanks to our extensive experience and expertise, RealDev effectively reinforced the distillation infrastructure, boosted operational resilience, and elevated data integrity standards, guaranteeing seamless WFI production and enhancing business continuity for the long term.

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Distiller Revamping
Younes Boukamher 11 juni 2024
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