Odoo Implementation

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The company Doctoranytime wanted to be efficient in its customer management. So they asked the RealDev Service.

Rentability and efficiency are the main objectives for the prosper company. The reduction of human task and paper use are two examples to achieve the company purpose. The perfect solution to this problem is a digital transformation. With a correct design, this transformation will improve the data integrity and the efficiency of the administrative tasks which means a better rentability for the company.

RealDev created an end-to-end solution for the perfect optimization of the solution. The Odoo CRM (Customer Relationship Management) developed by RealDev allows the companies to easily manage their business. There is also a subscription part which allows the company to delegate all the recurrent tasks. For example recurring sales, taking care of taxes, dealing with payments and even providing clear contracts and automated invoices. Doctoranytime can spend more time on the services and relationships with the clients while Odoo does the administrative job.

Moreover this platform is user-friendly and helps the client via the portal to manage his data and he can check his contract option anytime. The client can also use it to place an order, make an appointment etc. With Odoo, happy visitors become satisfied customers.

And finally, the manager of the company can keep an eye on the results of his business manager, have the list of the clients, do the administrative tasks for the bank, do the accounts and so on. He can define the KPI to follow the progress of his company and then adapt the marketing strategy by making the good decisions.

Odoo is the definition of a win-win solution.

RealDev has used the V-model for 6 months and only 5 people to provide the Odoo system. In the end, the CRM corresponded perfectly to the need of Doctoranytime who increased its turnover.

Moreover, the customers are really satisfied by the new functionality. The news will be spread by word of mouth and the notoriety of the company will grow.