Feasibility study for Pharma Plant extension

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Our pharma plant extension project required the establishment and design of a DCS system for a Pharmaceutical plant. The DCS system would increase reliability and management control within our client’s business. This cost reducing addition would secure processes by increasing safety. To achieve this, we reviewed tender documentation and met with potential suppliers to discuss and clarify technical aspects of the project. This information allowed for the preparation of required specifications and the establishment of specific engineering recommendations for automation.

By using the progressive strategy of Single Point of Contact (SPOC), our team was able to identify challenges and opportunities for outsourcing. Regardless of location, each component of our client’s project would refer to a single management team allowing for increased efficiency regarding time, money, and management.

  • DCS System
  • Managing all aspects of RFP
  • RFQ Process
  • SPOC between automation and other disciplines

Request for proposal (RFP) opened up the opportunity for potential suppliers, often made through a bidding process, or Request for Quotation (RFQ), by an agency or company interested in procurement of a commodity or asset. The intention of the RFP was to reflect specific strategies and business objectives for potential suppliers to match. By informing other suppliers that our client was looking to procure, the requirements analysis was properly prepared and incorporated to ensure success response by suppliers.

Our team proved to be necessary technical expertise required for RFP research and development for the project. The implementation of these new technological improvements allowed for enhanced efficiency, increased clarity and transparency, and the strengthening of communication and decision making processes across multiple locations. These improvements directly led to to faster reaction times, to market fluctuations as well as the development of uniform standards in the organization. 

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