CODA Solution Development

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This accounting company requested a completely unique, tailor made application for their business. As a medium sized accounting company, they were looking for a management process to be developed to regulate the customers and the process of their informations.

This program required large quantities of information from their clients to be translated. This required a method to sort through substantial amounts of paper documents and manually enter details into their own management system.

To develop this type of specific programming request, specific solutions were required:

  • CODA File Management
  • Automatic File Splitting
  • Direct Integration
  • ERP System Management
  • Collaborative Web Based Application
  • Remote Intervention

In order to develop the capability of managing CODA files coming from an Isabel System, a completely unique solution must have been developed. This required the ability to automatically split individual files from customer information. Once this was achieved, the system needed to achieve direct integration into the accounting company’s ERP system.

Additionally, a web-based application was also implemented so that the ability to remotely intervene would be accessible.

Once our team successfully developed this unique program, our client was able to eliminate much of the tedious work that had been costing valuable time and to begin experiencing improved working processes. By eliminating the large amount of manual tasks, staff were required to complete, ease of process developed within the business. Additionally, the diminution of human errors in completing these tasks also supported a more efficient, successful environment.