BI Dashboard implementation for a service company

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Business intelligence (BI) software, save time and resources for businesses through a wide range of outlets. This kind of software allows clients to combine spreadsheets and database outputs into a comprehensive and automated dashboard. These systems allow a company to gather, store and analyze corporate data to help in strategic decision making. This clear and organized data representation allows users to create reports, charts and presentations so that they can monitor the progress of their organization.

While being completely secure, informative and engaging, BI Dashboard implementation is a straightforward solution to many key business challenges.

Our team assisted in the implementation of this type of software by providing the tools and systems that play a key role in the strategic  processes planning of the corporation. We evaluated the current systems and processes that secure company data and determined risks using company information assets.

By identifying methods to minimize those risks, our team at RealDev helps businesses with these types of projects while providing the technical expertise to help companies achieve their goals.

Upon request, our solution to our client’s services was direct:

  • BI Dashboard Implementation
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Integer HR Module
  • IT Audit
  • Staff Training

BI Dashboard implementation, key performance indicators, and IT Audit & MES ensures the development and implementation of appropriate production tools. Information management processes were also ensured to be in compliance with IT specific law policies and standards after determining the inefficiencies in IT systems and associated management.

Additionally, setting up key performance indicators allowed the top management to identify potential improvement points and define clear milestones to achieve. With this new technology implemented, integration of this system also required the training of users for them to become autonomous in the usage of the tool.

Once these solutions were determined, employee capabilities and skills were then evaluated and assessed to guarantee the successful utilisation of the new improvement process and to empower global knowledge and skill level.


An additional HR module was integrated into the company’s ERP to aid in the collaboration tools and in the training of users to increase their efficiency.