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Our team of experts was contacted by a family office who was looking for a solution to manage efficiently its assets.

For two years, our development team had to explore the client’s needs to develop the best solution to his needs. This project was a big challenge for us because the world of finance was new for us. We learned on the ground thanks to the help of our client who has a deep knowledge of his field.

For this project, we decided to develop a from scratch application that will allow our client to manage his assets : real estate, equiti, forwards and financial products. On one hand, this application allows to manage the transations of all the assets, like handling the daily trading operations. On the other hand, it calculates the performance’s portfolio and it is a decision maker support based on deep and advanced analytics.


We used the SCRUM methodology and all the environment of RealDev development. It allows us to have a good frame of work.

We established a list of features of the customer and defined with him the several sprints. After each version of the application, we made a customer review because it is essential to us to involve the client into the project.

The first sprint was to define the ergonomics of the application to imagine what it’s going to look like. The second sprint was to define the administrative management of the application. The third was to define the portfolio management. The fourth was the calculation of the performance. The fifth sprint was focused on the decision making and, finally  the sixth was about reporting and insights ».


This application is an innovation in the software world, we didn’t have any example to follow.

We created a performance calculation algorithm that is transitional based and unique in the world! Even if we had nothing to start with, we manage to create an optimal application that meets perfectly our clients' needs. For all the duration of the project, our client was stressed because he didn’t imagine how the final result was going to look like. When he saw it, he was astonished!

The “wow effect” was reached!  Moreover, he was satisfied by the efficiency of our application. This project contributed also to the good reputation of RealDev.

It is true that this project was a real source of challenge. For two years, we had a lot of pressure in terms of timing! But in the end, we were proud of the result and the satisfaction of our client was the best recompense we could have.